Compressing a file makes it faster to download. Our products were designed to be opened using a desktop computer. Once you have unzipped them, you can send the files to other devices, if needed.

You can get a free download for WinZip from their website. They update the product often, so look for the information on the page that will take you to the FREE download. Download the software to your computer. Once installed, it will be used to automatically open a file when you double click on the zip file.

Double click on the zip file to open it or right click and use the "Unzip" options available. Once the zip file is open, click "Unzip to" on the top right and tell the program where you want to save the files. I suggest creating a special folder for your downloads so you always know where they are.  The instructions for WinZip change often due to their many updates.  For assistance, use their website for current instructions.

For additional information on how to open a zip file, CLICK HERE.

For additional information on opening compressed files on mobile and other devices, you can use the website that supports your device. If your device is an Android, CLICK HERE for WinZip Android.

For additional information on using WinZip, use the KnowledgeBase on their website:  CLICK HERE